High level Amplitude Modulated video transmitter for the 70cm Amateur band, built on a 71x100mm PC board.  The design uses a sync stretcher & high level modulation to overcome the linearity requirements when transmitting TV signals, & produces up to 100mW, ( +20dBm ) output.  The kit only requires 2 coils to be wound, & uses printed tuned inductors on the PC board for the output amplifier stages so it is easy to tune up.  The complete Kit includes a professional plated PC board, & all onboard components, requires miscellaneous hardware & Crystal to complete.  For Audio add the Audio subcarrier Kit, Order No EME75

This Design uses as Small 
number of Surface Mount Components

 Crystals to suit 434.250MHz are now in stock. Crystals to suit 
435.500MHz operation in the US are Available To order.

 Order No  Description  Each
 EME44B PCB  PC Board & Instructions Only ( Included In Kits )   $25.00 AUD
 EME44B KIT  Complete Kit No Crystal  $48.50 AUD
 EME44 KITB  Complete Kit Built & Tuned with Crystal   $Email Price
 71.0417MHz  Crystal To Suit 426.250MHz   $29.90 AUD
 72.3750MHz  Crystal To Suit 434.250MHz ( Not for Australia )   $29.90 AUD
 74.0417MHz  Crystal To Suit 444.250MHz  $29.90 AUD