Found in the surplus department of DF6NA: (

70 cm  Power-Amplifier with  Valvo Triode TBL 2/500 (8120)
            UHF-TV-amplifier - with commercial Power-Supply
            output TV-sync >400W - SSB/CW up to 1 kW


SchematicsFunk BV 251N607a : 3,4V 20A power supply  (Pictures)

                    Funk BV 951N619a : 2,4-2,7 Kv 400mA power supply   (Pictures)

                    Power Supply measuring (xls)

                    Funk BV 247V603a : Tube housing, TBL2/500 connections  (Pictures)

Lamp Specs Philips TBL2/500.pdf

Cooling needed following the specs of the PA manual:

80mm WS (WK), 1.2 m/min => 72m/u, Tube connection 50mm

Blower example: Blower pagina 1, Blower pagina 2


Modules that i have:

Heizung:                       Funk BV 251 N 607a

2.4 -2.7 KV 400 mA   Funk 951 N 619a (Schema)

2 KV 250 mA             Funk  951 N 613a

1 KV 150 mA             Funk BV 951N612a

Lamphuis                     Funk 247V603a Siemens  F-nr: 9/735259

                                   Leistung verst. TBL 2-500

Extra mesuring coupling  :  257Z602a, 257 602a, 257602b, 257H606a


Pictures of the TBL2/500 housing: