Digital Amateur Television
Baseband unit

Four MPEG-Encoder inputs, included Transportstream-Multiplexer,  QPSK-Modulator (DVB-S), using firmware-update also 64QAM (DVB-C) and GMSK posible.



Encoder with support Format SIF (352x288 Pixel), HD1 (352x576 Pixel) and D1 (720x576 Pixel) with Daterate between 1,5 Mbit/s and 6 Mbit/s




Dualband- IQ-Transmitter (1200-1300 MHz and 2300-2500 MHz) with an average power output from 10 mW.



Power Amplifier for D-ATV (3W output)

MT 1,3 Z 8 WA,  1,1 - 1,6 GHz-Linear-Power-Amplifier-Kit, 30 mW input 10 Watt output, at 1,3 Ghz, 24 dB Gain, directional coupler with rectifier, high efficient protection circuit with DC soft start

Kit from DL2AM.


D-ATV transmitter picures are from