23 cm Super Low Noise Preamplifier    LNA 23 ATV

The LNA 23 ATV preamplifier is specially developed for the demands of ATV amateurs

and offers the following:

    Converts a deaf satellite receiver into a DX machine!

    Modern HEMT technology.

    Excellent selectivity.

    High gain reserve.

    Supply voltage direct or via coax cable.

The use of HEMT transistors makes the noise figure much improved compared to GaAs FET  preamplifiers.

Excellent selectivity is achieved by using a high pass input filter and a helix band pass filter.

The MMIC amplifier follower stages provide very high overall gain reserve sufficient to compensate for insensitive satellite tuners.

The LNA 23 ATV is built on a very low loss ceramic glass-fiber substrate using SMD technology and the  amplifier is built into an HF-tight tin-plate enclosure.

Technical Specifications

Frequency range

Noise figure (typical)

Gain (typical)

Supply voltage

Current (typical)


Dimensions Lx W x H mm




1240 - 1300 MHZ

0.6 dB

52 dB

12-18 V

100 mA

N type (female)

74 x 55 x 30 mm

120 g