Video Divider / Amplifier                Video-VV  

The Video-VV includes electronic video switches and 6dB amplifiers.

Clamped inputs, cold switching lines and input/output networks ensure

correct matching to 75W.

Some of the possibilities are, division of one input into four outputs,

maintenance of output amplitude adjustment independence from each other or switching

of two inputs to two-by- two

outputs, and of course, switching of three different video sources to one output.

The kit includes all necessary parts, pre-drilled and bent tin-plate housing

and a high quality pre-drilled and pre-tinned epoxy PCB.


Technical Specifications

Gain (adjustable)

Input and output impedance

Supply voltage

Current (approx.)

Dimensions LxWxH

Part number 2555 - kit version

Part number 2556 - ready built

6 dB



70 mA  

74 x 55 x 30 mm

Video-VV B

Video-VV F