Contest Table  (09/2005)

Our contest table.


TRX 70cm Kenwood TR-851

TRX 23cm (IF 28 Mhz) Kenwood TS-50

Logging laptop with 2nd screen en keyboard: Operator can work without logger, operator can watch typing, heading, distance of logger.

DX-Cluster laptop with internet uplink

Grey box is the parrot for 23cm.

Sequencer RX/TX Switch : Remote contol for coax relais, pre-amps and power amplifiers high in the antenna mast.

23cm PA: 200W 8x mitsubishi modules (13.8V 70A)

Rotor: Yaesu 1000 SDX

13cm PA: 40W Pre-PA, 200W PA (28V, 30A)