LaserPatrol LaserPatrol™
The new instrument for speed measuring in road traffic

LaserPatrol™ provides:

Speed measurement of approaching and receding vehicles.

Speed display on a head-up display in addition to the built-in light-spot sight;
brightness of display and sighting spot adjustable over a wide range.

Simultaneous display of speed and distance on separate external displays allowing brightness adjustment independent of the head-up display.

Adjustable speed threshold. Exceeding the threshold is indicated by a sequence of audio tones. Additionally a control output is activated temporarily.

The presence of optical jamming transmitters on sighted vehicles is detected and indicated both visually and coustically.

LaserPatrol™ ensures:

Speed measurement function lock and display of error message if temperature and supply volt-age are outside the permissible range.

Possibility of power supply through 12V on-board vehicle supply that simultaneously recharges the internal battery.

Display of battery power in percent, display of operating voltage on external supplies in volt.

Full remote control through bidirectional RS 232 port and transfer of measurement data includ-ing a result-based checksum to instruments not requiring calibration.

Compliance with the regulations of Class 1 Laser Devices and eye safety EN 60825-1:1997-03. The instrument is thus eyesafe and may optionally be used in speed monitoring as per today's regulations.

LaserPatrol™ allows:

Long-term use and particularly easy handling in portable mode without any disturbing supply cables by use of a rechargeable Li-ion battery pack integrated in the handle.

Automatic shut-off of result display after a user-defined time to extend the service life per battery charge.

Confirmation of operations and indication of results by an audio signal generator with individual tone sequences (loudness may be adjusted in steps or switched off).

Start of a measurement by an external trigger device through remote trigger input.

Technical data

LaserPatrol™ - The new instrument for speed monitoring in road traffic.

Speed range 0 ... 500 km/h (0 ... 320 mph)
Accuracy ± 2 km/h (± 1mph)
Sighting direction approaching and recending vehicles
(minus sign display for receding vehicles)
Distance range 10 ... 600 m*
Accuracy: ± 20 cm
Measuring time 0.5 s
Sighting beam spot size approx. 0.3 m at 100 m distance
Foreign laser source detection optical and audio signal
Speed limit adjustable in 1 km/h intervals (0 ... 320 km/h),        (0 ... 200 mph)
Display brightness adjustable in 8 steps
Audio signal generator loudness adjustable in 4 steps and on/off option
Sighting system Head-up display with red-dot sight
dot size corresponds to laser spot (adjustable brightness)
Data interface RS 232 port, 9600 bps baud rate, format 8n1, fixed
Power supply Li-ion battery in handle or 10.5 ... 16.5 V external, con-reversible connector (12 V on-board vehicle supply)
Weight 1050 g
Operating temperatures -30°C ... + 60°C*
Storing temperatures -40°C ... + 70°C
* Dependent on target reflectivity, stray light influences and athmospheric conditions.

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